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Game Localization Service

Expand Your Market Exponentially with Video Game Localization

The video game industry has for years expanded to a worldwide consumer market, but more than ever is also being developed and programmed worldwide. In order to keep up with a competitive market that is constantly advancing in technology, video game developers and programmers must be ready to have their video games translated for a global market. Statistics have shown repeatedly that when any website, software or video game is available in a consumer's native language, they are 4 to 5 times more likely to purchase. The only way to maintain a competitive edge and establish a viable presence in today's video game market, is with video game translation and localization, and by using a professional translation service with strong experience in technical translation.

Video game translation can be very simple text or document translation, such as the case for many simple game applications for phones, or children's computer games. Or, it can mean an entire localized translation which includes all user manuals, dialogue, user interface, video game instructions, and more. Whether you need a general Chinese translation for video game dialogue, or other languages translation and localization of all video game content, we can provide the best technical translation service possible, for the absolute lowest translation rates.

Professional Video Game Translation for iPhone Apps, Computer Games and More
Some video game localizations, as stated, will be a simpler process than others, while some localized video games will require extensive changes, especially for games that are developed in Latin letter languages, and need localized to non-Latin languages. Video game user manual translation.

Keep in mind that video game localization services should typically be performed before the test run of the final product. It is usually not a post-production process, so it is necessary to decide which languages and markets will require professional localization services for distribution and marketing of the video game.

Because of our vast professional network of international translators includes many who have specialized skills in specific industries and areas of expertise, we are able to provide video game localization services for every major language. We provide you with the most qualified, experienced technical translators who have skilled expertise not only in video game localization, but also software localization, iPhone app localization, and other kinds of information technology translation services. No matter how involved or complex your video game translation needs are, OM Translation can guarantee high quality, accurate and professional technical translation service, along with the added perk of offering the lowest translation costs from any top translation company.

Major languages:

English to Chinese game localization, Japanese to Chinese game localization, Korean to Chinese game localization, German to Chinese game localization, Russian to Chinese game localization, French to Chinese game localization, Spanish to Chinese game localization, Portuguese to Chinese game localization, Italian to Chinese game localization, Finnish to Chinese game localization, Dutch to Chinese game localization, Arabic to Chinese game localization, Danish to Chinese game localization, Hebrew to Chinese game localization, Greek to Chinese game localization, Czech to Chinese game localization, Norwegian to Chinese game localization

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