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Voiceover Service

Recording a text for e-learning, training videos, commercials or demo films can be challenging. In addition to recording the text, you also have to find the right voice for your audience. For many years, OM Translation has been working with leading studios to ensure the highest quality for our customers’ video production. We provide complete voiceover service from start to finish, so you receive ready-to-publish foreign language video complete with high-quality sound.

We understand that professional voiceover and subtitling services require a highly specific set of skills, equipment and software expertise. This is why our team is made up of an exceptionally talented pool of artists and engineers who can bring a wide range of vocal styles and creative expertise to voiceover scripts.


Service features

We offer a vast range of benefits to ensure that your voiceover is professionally edited and correctly synced, inspiring users to invest in the message you are sharing. These include:

  • Our team has the ability to work directly with various video, audio and animation software. As a result of this, clients receive content which is immediately ready to use.
  • Our experts can perform a wide range of voice styles, including gender, tone, style, age, accent, to cater to complex character scenarios. Many artists also have a larger repertoire of voices, which can cut down on costs significantly.
  • We use experienced subtitling and closed caption engineers to ensure challenges (speed of on-screen text and font size) are mitigated, avoiding delays.


OM Translation’s Approach

For voiceover, OM Translation provides a high quality of recording and post-production. The primary features include:

  • A wide selection of voiceover artists for characterization and role-playing (gender, accents, age, and character).
  • Working directly with the editable video and animation files within programs like Adobe Premiere, and delivering fully edited read-to-use content.







Major languages:

English to Chinese voiceover, Japanese to Chinese voiceover, Korean to Chinese voiceover, German to Chinese voiceover, Russian to Chinese voiceover, French to Chinese voiceover, Spanish to Chinese voiceover, Portuguese to Chinese voiceover, Italian to Chinese voiceover, Finnish to Chinese voiceover, Dutch to Chinese voiceover, Arabic to Chinese voiceover, Danish to Chinese voiceover, Hebrew to Chinese voiceover, Greek to Chinese voiceover, Czech to Chinese voiceover, Norwegian to Chinese voiceover


Voiceover Service

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