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Subtitling Service

Subtitling basically involves adaptation of the dialogue from the existing source language into the target language. OM Translation provides multilingual subtitling services which allow speakers of the target language to enjoy the original content, as it is. This is often seen in foreign films, where consumers prefer to watch the film with its original audio, but with a transcription of what is being said appearing in their own language on the screen so that they can follow the plot. Subtitles are usually used for a video that has already been recorded.


We at OM Translation hire professional native translators for all subtitling tasks so that the dialogues can be adapted in a way that the viewers can easily understand, while following all the standard subtitling guidelines. The guidelines make sure that the adapted text can be easily read and understood.


We have been providing subtitling services for various categories of videos for e.g. training videos, lectures, corporate promotional films, celebrity biographies, etc. Our extensive experience with subtitling means we can pre-empt and resolve the challenges associated with text expansion, subtitles running off screen, dialogue speed, caption speed, and more.


With our knowledge, experience, expertise and team of native professional translators, we make sure that our client gets high quality subtitling services which are precise, accurate and meaningfully adapted in the target languages.






Major languages:

English to Chinese subtitling, Japanese to Chinese subtitling, Korean to Chinese subtitling, German to Chinese subtitling, Russian to Chinese subtitling, French to Chinese subtitling, Spanish to Chinese subtitling, Portuguese to Chinese subtitling, Italian to Chinese subtitling, Finnish to Chinese subtitling, Dutch to Chinese subtitling, Arabic to Chinese subtitling, Danish to Chinese subtitling, Hebrew to Chinese subtitling, Greek to Chinese subtitling, Czech to Chinese subtitling, Norwegian to Chinese subtitling


Subtitling Service

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