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Transcription Service

Transcription is the process of converting the audio or video content into written text. Our professional transcriber carefully listens to the audio or video file and reproduces the recorded content into a written document. The transcription can be done in the same language as well as in some other languages (i.e. target languages).

Transcription into other languages is much more inclusive than simply producing a video in your language with subtitles in the target language, as it gives your audience the feeling that they are being spoken to directly. Professionally transcribed transcripts allow us to gain much more than just insight from the recordings. OM Translation has incredibly diverse range of subjects to cover your transcription needs. This includes:

  • Legal transcription
    Public hearings, conferences, meeting minutes, group discussions, and administrative hearings
  • Medical transcription service
    Scripts, subtitling, patient records, medical conferences, and journalistic interviews
  • Business transcription
    Interviews, conferences, seminars, trainings, market research, corporate meetings, webinars, conference calls, and earnings calls
  • Market research transcription
    Surveys, participant observation, narrative analysis, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and phone surveys
  • Academic transcription
    Lectures, conferences, focus groups, in-depth interviews, qualitative research, life histories, seminars, and group discussions

At OM Translation, we hire only native professional transcribers that make sure that the transcription is of high quality. Our transcribers strictly follow all the guidelines and instructions while transcribing the audio or video content.





Major languages:

English to Chinese transcription, Japanese to Chinese transcription, Korean to Chinese transcription, German to Chinese transcription, Russian to Chinese transcription, French to Chinese transcription, Spanish to Chinese transcription, Portuguese to Chinese transcription, Italian to Chinese transcription, Finnish to Chinese transcription, Dutch to Chinese transcription, Arabic to Chinese transcription, Danish to Chinese transcription, Hebrew to Chinese transcription, Greek to Chinese transcription, Czech to Chinese transcription, Norwegian to Chinese transcription


Transcription Service

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