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Localization Service

Localization adapts your original content or your products to be accessible and relatable to a specific market. The first step is translation into the target language, but further work needs to be done to truly make your products accessible. The goal of localization is to make your website, products, software, apps, or services seem as though they have been crafted specifically for the people in the target market.

It doesn’t matter if you speak an entirely different language, or if your products come from another country – with successful localization, the customer will feel as though the content has been tailored for them. This increases sales, reach, and interaction with your business. Some things that might be involved in the localization process include:

  • linguistic adaptations: idiomatic expressions, style issues and other linguistic non-translation work
  • physical adaptations: change to local geographic locations, change in measurement standards (e.g.: international x British)
  • business adaptations: currency considerations, different levels of protection to trademarks, patents and copyright, emerging-market strategies
  • cultural adaptations: change in colors, holidays, icons, symbols, emotion-triggering events, etc.

OM Translation is Your Optimal Choice

At OM Translation, we pride ourselves on providing the most thorough and accurate localization translation services at competitive rates. These services are designed to provide your business with a stable platform from which to launch your product in a new market, adjusting it to fit the local language and cultural atmosphere.

Our localization experts and project managers are chosen from the most qualified translators in the industry. They are always willing to walk an extra mile to meet a client’s needs, and hand craft each localization project they work on, using state-of-the-art software, to increase their productivity and ensure a more precise result. We are also able to work with and deliver on your schedule, even if you have a tight deadline. Our quality assurance procedures guarantee that your localization project will meet or exceed your expectations. Our team plans carefully every step of the way, performing constant progress checks to assess whether or not our high quality standards are being met.

Whenever you’re in need of localization services, we’re there to help!




Major languages:

English to Chinese localization, Japanese to Chinese localization, Korean to Chinese localization, German to Chinese localization, Russian to Chinese localization, French to Chinese localization, Spanish to Chinese localization, Portuguese to Chinese localization, Italian to Chinese localization, Finnish to Chinese localization, Dutch to Chinese localization, Arabic to Chinese localization, Danish to Chinese localization, Hebrew to Chinese localization, Greek to Chinese localization, Czech to Chinese localization, Norwegian to Chinese localization

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