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Professional Translation Team

As a professional translation agency, we know the importance of working exclusively with native translators, as precise terminology and appropriate context in each language is of vital importance when carrying out a translation. Our native translators are experienced professionals that competently translate into their own native language which, of course, they speak daily. A translator is, therefore, always familiar with the current expressions and intricacies of the target language concerned.

OM Translation ensures that our translators also carry out projects in their own particular fields of expertise so that your translation is always undertaken by people who understand the subject matter they are working with. Our workforce is a key factor contributing to our success.

OM Translation is a translation agency that is well aware of this fact and we pride ourselves on our close working relationship with each and every member of our team. In recognition of this, we have devised a series of incentives for both our in-house and freelance translators, ensuring that they stay motivated and continue to grow professionally.

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Our Professional Translator Teams

We have 400+ professional translators including our
in-house translators and freelance translators worldwide

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